If you are active people who like to have fun and be able to choose whether to immerse themselves in the green tranquility between art and sport, or stand in the middle of the chaos of London, the Finsbury Park area is for you. So let's go straight to the point and see how we can enjoy this beautiful place!


FINSBURY PARK. The park, let's start right from the heart. Yoga under the trees, racing tracks, bowling, tennis court, indoor and open-air gym, skate park, kids playground, football and baseball. The challenge is getting bored. But if you're on vacation and you want to be lazy, a coffee or a nice lunch overlooking the lawn like a good idea.

PARK TEATRE. 4 minutes from Finsbury Park. Because we want to acculturate our soul, We present the Park Theatre. Opened on 8 May 2013, it offers a mixed program of new writing, classics and musicals. Park200 and Park90,the two auditoria, have natural light which can be blacked out electronically. The philosophy is to put on high-quality production and shows of all types at reasonably prices. 

ARSENAL STADIUM TOURS & MUSEUM. It has been a football stadium between 6 September 1913 and 7 May 2006. Stadium tour in complete autonomy. At the entrance you come equipped with small radio and headphones with which each stage is explained to you in your language what you are visiting. Cute and addictive. A must for football lovers. The appeal of a timeless myth in England, superb hospitality and a chance to really explore all that concerns the football team.

ENIGMA ESCAPE. Imagine yourself locked in a room, with your only means of escape including your logical way of thinking ... no further than! And this is just one example of the games offered in this alternative place. Laughter, fun, friendliness, an experience to live with friends or family.

SILVER BULLET. Shows and concerts. If you are not tired, here is what to do in the evening. Monday and Tuesday nights are great if you like music, so you never get bored during the week. But even during the local weekend comes alive with artists playing with spectacularly music. Definitely worth taking a concert here if you're in the area. Fine the jazz sessions. A much of the past environment, without fear of partying and having fun until late during the week.


All of this without spending hours in Tube. It is worth taking a room near Finsbury Park, right?