Wilton’s Music Hall

You will not find on tourist guides, many londoners even know the existence of this magical and romantic place still well kept secret, but the Wilton's Music Hall is the only Victorian theater that currently exists in that of London, which from 1858 to date has been able to entertain millions of people, and everything at its charm has remained unchanged.

When you go for a tour, it is seemed to get into another dimension.

It reminds much of the Moulin Rouge scenes with Kidman and McGregor.

There are shows, cabaret and concerts and their Mahogany Bar is a delight. For only 6 pound will take the tour the theater and I assure you that they are worth all!

 Keats House ad Hampstead

He was the English poet John Keats and incurable sentimentalist, so much so that one of the main exponents of Romanticism. Do you think that some of his works, the odes especially, have achieved immortal fame that he was denied in life are beautiful and very romantic.

This house is a museum, and I assure you that is a delight to visit, especially in spring. It was here that he wrote the beautiful and romantic poem Ode to a Nightingale/Ode to a Nightingale, read it and tell me if this is not in perfect alignment with a sentimentalist atmosphere!

He lived in Rome, at the Keats-Shelley House, located next to the Spanish Steps. This was the last his home where he died in 1821 at only twenty-five.

The house is great But not for those who like the age and gender is very interesting and worth a visit, few know it, and we've never seen any tourist guide her back... so it's a real treat that which we have served you!

It will be then that to me these white houses were like so much style in 1800, and then has a little garden well cared very British style. Then there especially the romantic value of this magical place, you will see you will make a great impression with your maid!

However, always check the web site of this house / museum, because it is not always open and when it is ... for sure you will meet different couples all kidnapped by the sad and romantic story of this young English poet.

The reviews on this restaurant are really "warm", and to see the photos I believe they are entirely justified.
Located in a well-hidden corner of Covent Garden Market, the cherry-blossom - cherry blossom - is virtually the main theme of this restaurant, which boasts a wine list really hearty, including some nice rare pieces.
Dishes and presentations are obviously ultra manicured, and well - so they say - also very good. The prices do not seem so salty.
Anyway the location is magical, and perfect for a dinner for two then with all those branches of cherry blossom.
It should be booked, why not host many places.

33 King Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 8JD

Tube stop: Covent Garden Station